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Name: Lexi    Video: 48 Mins.    Photos:  282 Pics.

When I get in the mood to see the squirt fly and cant seem to find any girl willing and able I call Lexi. Everytime I visit she knows exactly why Im there. This time she got so fucking hot and horny after gushing off a couple of loads that she just had to call one of her regular fuck buddies to try to dehydrate her and leave her with nothing left. He knew that was going to be difficult so he brought along one of his buddies to help out.

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Name: Nadia    Video: 45 Mins.    Photos:  447 Pics.

It took Nadia a while to get those vaginal juices flowin but once she started it was pussy juice for all... She could have filled up a lake with all the sweet tastin juices she poured all over my flooor!... My maid lost her mind when she came in, and saw the puddles all over. :P what can u do i told her, thats what ur paid for!!! :) You gotta check out her trialer!!!!! MMMMmmmmmmmm i can still taste those awsome juices!

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Name: Flower    Video: 47 Mins.    Photos:  330 Pics.

Wait to you see the one and ONLY Flower Tucci. This babe is SO hot and her pusssy is so amazing. Her pussy hair patch above her shaved pussy is so sexy. Not to mention her PHAT ass is nothing short of perfect. Grabn a handful of that ass is heaven. Her pussy taste like honey and her asshole tastes like nothing...which is what you want when you think about it right? Wow what a treat flower is. This girl can squirt across the room and it is so amazingly deliscous! Not to mention her tight little ass takes a cock like a champ and when you see her pussy squirtn while gettn pounded in the ass you better be ready! You are going to have to spank it right then and there! She has got us all shoutn...we love you flower!!!

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Name: Jada    Video: 45 Mins.    Photos:  341 Pics.

Jada is one wet and wild girl. She started off hot and bothered, but once the juice got loose she just went off the deep end. Jada with her big titties and juicy pussy is alot of woman that most men would run from. I on the other hand can not get enough of this stallion.... And how she drenched me! I was soakin it all up like a sponge... :P MMMMMMMmmmmm tasty pussy juice is my favorite late night drink!

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Name: Melony    Video: 47 Mins.    Photos:  386 Pics.

Melony is a self contained waterpark. She is explosive. She knows how to squirt and splash it all over the place. She gets herself off and then my buddy knocked her off her rocker. It was a slippery and wild time all over the house, and it all ended up with her, me, and Timm all drenched and her with a nice facial! TONS OF FUNKY JUICY!!!

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Name: Tucci    Video: 48 Mins.    Photos:  228 Pics.

Tucci is really known as Flower. She is back to show you all again what it takes to blast your girl juicy all over the place. She is still super hot and loves to get fucked in every which way she can! She absolutely loves to get analed up and squirting all over the place! :) thats my favorite too...

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Name: Sindee    Video: 31 Mins.    Photos:  269 Pics.

Holy shit. I am still at a loss for words. Sindee is amazing. Amazing in the way Jordan and Gretzky were. Yeah, I just compared her pussy to 2 of the greatest athletes of the 20th Century. The stream of pussy juice that came out of our pint sized protagaonist is crazy. This shit knocks grown men over. It irrigates crops. When it gets cold out and she gets wet, she can do that thing Silver Surfer does. You will be a believer too, once you see this chick in action. Super hero status pussy power.

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